The Pranic Temple

We are located in Santa Cruz de la Palma, one of the Canarian Islands and our space is open for anyone that wishes to experience the simple pranic living.
We have abundant nature, with garden of fruits and flowers, animals, space for accommodation and camping as well. 

In the Temple, the daily practice includes forms of Qi cultivation, Meditation, Silence, Caretaking of the land, and Inner Stillness. The Temple is open all year long with various forms of Retreats but also Individual Adapted Processes, so you can come with the occasions created or at your own pace.


The lifestyle practiced in the Temple is being the transparent allowance, through which the Universe acts through you.
It is based on a consequencial cosmic algorythm of which you, among, Everything, are also part of. 
One of the essential functions participating to this lifestyle is the adjustment of the mind-body relationship, which we perform here, by adopting a Pranic Nourishment and facilitating retreats and courses, as well as darshans, for all participants.
Pranic Temple
Maria Tutu

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