Maria Tutu, was born in Moldavian Republic and became Romanian citizen after her father.
She has spent most of her young times in Romania, in a very family oriented culture.
With the age of 20 she started traveling up to the moment she became a Mother of her two children: Amin and Rumi. 

As she was growing and participated in the dance of this world, she found herself to be a human being, that assumed it's life and decided to doubt all learnt in order to find the proper lifestyle, for oneself, individually and unique.
Her great blessing came from her mother’s side, which continued a wisdom lineage related to nutrition and nature’s healing properties.

In 2016 she was presented for the first time with the concept of breatharianism, through Victor Truviano and since then this idea is constantly incubating in her life. Shortly after, she experienced a 9 day autonomous process, without a prior goal of undergoing it. It became a process just because it started one day and ended in the 9th day at the request of her family.

In 2019, she received the Cosmic Darshan, which she calls it “Universal Recirculation of Energy”. The next day, she naturally stopped ingesting food for a long period of time and witness herself as being pure free energy in constant multidimensional motion.

What kept her going in this lifestyle, was the obvious state of awareness, prior and within all circumstances, which brought her clarity, honesty, freedom and the authentic self sustainable state. 

She is working online in assisted processes and sessions, offering retreats and seminars(activity suspended for 2019-2020) and courses. She loves birds and trees, gardens and silence and her most natural release is done through breathing and walking on Earth.
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Maria Tutu

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