Pranic Conciousness

Pranic Consciousness is the journey through Gradual Sensitivity and Compassionate Oriented process towards Self Sustainability of the Human Ecosystem, which serves only one Law : Reality as Pure Free Energy


Pranic Nourishment is the ability to nourish your body through energy, which involuntary and implicit are testing the limits of food as primary source of nourishment as survival core belief.


A Pranic being, a Breatharian, or a Respirian, is a being that is experiencing or experimenting with this state, seen as an option, but which is prior to all knowledge, our nature.


In the Temple, we are all sentient beings, and we acknowledge the sensitivity and ability to live in the pure free energy reality. Some of us, have taken the choice to do so permanently, while others partially, that it is why, an explanatory measurement conduit exists, and it is known as the Pranic Nourishment Levels.



Level 0 - I am not aware of  Pranic Nourishment.
Level 1 - I am informed one way or another of Pranic Nourishment.
Level 2  - I have experienced the state of Pranic Nourishment (following an assisted process or self performed).
Level 3 - I have chosen to live in Pranic Consciousness and my body is manifesting a state in which it occasionally have solid or liquid calories (stabilization 4 months ).
Level 4  - I have chosen to live in Pranic Consciousness and I don't consume solid nor liquid calories (stabilization 4 months)
Pranic Temple
Maria Tutu

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