Return to Austria# 30 Days Cycle Quantum Transition

Our journey in Romania has ended today. In the evening we will arrive back in Austria and I will be reorganized in another field.

The field from Home, facilitates the continuation of the 30 Days Cycle in a specific manner. Not mine, personally, because Pranic Nourishment is not an individual process, but a Human process and it is possible in the overall gradations, not because of any "consistency work deriving from goal oriented" but from the love with which Humans Live.

This Process, as well as any process that might look as progress, is just part of the Unity State.

Our transformation, is a result of allowing not of persevering.

The transformative force is present continuous and somehow through an liberated act, which cannot be quantified by any practice, because it nullifies the practice instantly.

Transformation is not preoccupied with progress, with ideas that make us feel pleasant about our doings, reaching states that can be compared with other states, or experiencing satisfaction. That is not transformation, that is simply being aware of sensations that you might have.

Transformation happens when there is no awareness of yourself and of your doings. When there is simple rest from any activity without knowing that this is rest.

That is why for me, meditation, in the terms of decision making, for a specific time, with entering, being present and exiting the state, is not meditation. This is just a pause from activity, in which one is resting and is experiencing different forms of consciousness: bliss, peace, and other alterations.

That is the same reason I do not believe in any practice. All practices in my life have came from one point, the Unmovable. All practices belong to that.

When one keeps their attention one the One, there is no need for any practice or any meditation or any structure. All mentioned above will come in order to facilitate the relocation to the innate position.

That is why I practice Pranic Nourishment, that is why i practice silence, that is why i practice "breaking the practice, Practice", so that i can return to Freedom.

I don t meditate to become better or good at something. It does not work like this. The idea of cumulative is a simple illusion that we feel good temporary. I recognize that I am constantly meditating, but sometimes I forget and that is why I must practice, something that can bring me back to my Non Position and never something that can bring me somewhere I am not already.

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