Day III, WEDNESDAY# 30 Days Cycle Quantum Transition

Artistic photograph by Anastasia Sokolova(Iris Sol)

Today was the consuming day and it looks at follows:

Morning: Grape juice diluted with water(around 300 ml, because i have to share it with my entire family) in the morning

Some dates later on

Lunch: green salad and zuchini sesame hummus with rucolla dates dresing


Few pieces of Ananas (maybe 3 because again i had to share it with my family)

Banana, blueberries home made ice cream with maple syrup


Few pieces of Mango and Banana(very little from the same reason mentioned above)

Green salad with coli flower


The so called sensation of hunger, actually the wanting to eat and try more and more, as per the stimulation of the senses today was not present. Most of the days, when i do start to consume, i want to try everything in the house. But today, actually, i pushed a salad away because the vegetables mixed together, made me confused, and later on i tried them all separately, and then i relaxed.

Also i appreciated the neutral taste of coli flower and realized more and more clear that i enjoy simple tastes. Actually i enjoy the clarity of information that the fruit or the vegetable is transmitting. And the clarity is a cumulus of qualities, which shows if this was or was not treated with the utmost love and respect.

And these qualities are somehow a perfect molecular structure, derived from the perfect exposure to sun, therefore a complete set of information, or the exact content of water, depending the water used for watering, including the rain water, the minerals depending on the area where the fruit or vegetable was born and raised( for example close to Africa, there are the sand storms, which affect differently the fruits, etc).

For the consuming days, i still do not have a way to relate to these days, except through my family. But i already get the sense, that its important for me to find my own rhythm in the consuming days.

Also, as i stated in the past recordings, in the second day always a pain in the fiber structure of the jaw appears, and of course, the moment when I do consume, it completely goes away.

Today, i felt too energetic, which i assume it is the sugar rush from fruits. I did not enjoyed so much, for i am used with a specific way of being, quite calm and slow. This turns me naturally, towards decreasing the sugar in the days of consumption(which is only of whole fruits nature) and guiding me towards simplification.


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