30 Days Cycle Quantum Transition

A simple social experiment based on my lifestyle, with the intention of detailed documentation and a chance for others to join a collective act.

The 30 Days Cycle Quantum Transition is based on what I am living now and represents my main research. It has become a research when i saw that there are more people who can relate to Pranic Nourishment and as is being adopted more and more as consensual reality, for me is important to take care of it, with my honesty, my transparency, as i sense it is very important.

For me was and is important, if not maybe one of the central piece of my expression and this because, is the most efficient activity of my life, through which i become silent, calm and i can experience life as it is, in its spontaneous constant transcendental process.

This is what it has changed related to my own experience, which is just about my sensations, but it has changed me also in the way i relate to the "world", the perceived projected self. It all starts with being silent, which has ripples on my well being, from where i can behave in a more respectful, decent, and humble way with my children, my family, and all other forms.

Somehow, in this state, the fear as a concept, and as a sensation, is no longer present. Therefore any circumstance that could arise from fear and be interpreted as arising from fear is experienced as there would be no prior filter, that would denature the nature of experience itself.

In 2017 i experienced for the first time, 9 days of spontaneous freedom. I was amazed by the sensation of emptiness and the possibility to finally sense i am breathing, and by that what was lived in a self absorbed experience, that it came naturally for me to not consume for the first 9 days. This experiment was ended at the request of my partner.

Being a mother of one child at that time, I said that this is not something that can be possible in such a life circumstance, so i let it aside, yet for the next 2 years, it has constantly incubating in me.

When i got pregnant for the second time, as the most creative process of life, was happening inside me, i naturally started eating one time a day and mostly raw food and it continues in the first 3 months of nursing, to eat only fruits and decreasing in liquids. All these adjustments, did not happened because i wished them to happen and it was a sort of preparation. They happen because of i did not mind and focused on what there is to do to be me, but i kept in my heart, a constant alertness of that which feels it is me. All i knew was that when the circumstance will be in my favor this will for sure happen. Maybe it as coming when i would be old, or tomorrow, but all these details did not matter for me. All that mattered was to nourish this little flame of recognition yet allow it to happen by its own rhythm, so that the masterpiece is not condensed into one little thing, which would become a condition to transcendence, but Life itself, would be the vehicle, through which all makes sense.

I really did not keep track, but it will soon feel as one year, since i felt i am re positioned in Universal Re-circulation, which means i simply felt a stream entering, passing through me and also existing, so a Circuit has been experienced. This leaded to again, immense freedom, followed by a continuous witnessing of what emerges from this freedom. In front of this, my focus for eating or not eating, was not existing, therefore the question should I eat or should i don t eat, is not part of the reality of self living. To say even more, the doubt, which somehow gives birth to possibilities, has never existed at the meditative-unified cycle of awareness.

It is quite a lot to explain the experiences now, because they do represent a witness and different forms of consciousness and that involves intimate, elaborate and unique experiences, which here would simply be narrations.

Now, i am at a point, where it is natural for me to consume at 3 days, from many reasons. Firs and most important t is my family, and when i did not took care that there are others at this point of my life, which require instant practical support, such as two small children, the results showed me that an integrative process is needed.

Without other stories before, I will share the most important details of how the 30 Days Cycle is going to happen.

30 Days Quantum Transitional Cycle

It will start on Monday, August 11, 2019 and it will end on August 31, 2019. What will end will be this cycle and i do not know if another cycle will be made public, as these are spontaneous transmissions interventions, by feeling the collective pulse.

Three dry days are following and in the evening of the third day, a meal will be taken. For me it is very important that the moment I start consuming, to start with fruit juice with high water content, because the cells need hydration, which i don t see it only as self hydration, but as hydration of the entire quantum atmosphere. This has been the way that the luminous fiber has been made visible for me, through an electrolysis process. It feels that in the dry days, prana is circulating through this form, when when i stop the dry days with natural water, the water is being electrolyzed by the flux of prana, so to say the two overlay and they separate in hydrogen and oxygen and if this happens to the cells of this form, this cells send the information to the quantum cells. And this becomes a conductive mechanism for the opening of the "image" reality.

At the end of each day, i will talk about what how what the day and what it brought to me.


If anyone wants to join this Cycle, please be highly self responsible of your health and how connected is your health to your mental formations. If you know that there are some attachments regarding what provides you with health, be careful to not step those own limitations, because it can come at the expense of your well being. The collective, that will co participate, will generate a specific impregnation on the field, which should come from beings that are comfortable with pranic nourishment and they know for sure they are pranically nourished. If you are practicing a fasting centered lifestyle, it is important to stick to you fasting protocol with which your body was used with, because 3 days dry and one meal in the evening, followed by again 3 days of dry fast, on a length of 30 Days, can be challenging and even dangerous.

Wish you all a beautiful journey!

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