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The Sensitization Process

Pranic Nourishment ultimately offers me a chance to see the process of elimination practices, as a preparatory yet safe immersion into the act of death.

For someone eating meat and that is identified with a carnivorous trait of personality, eliminating that own concept and all that is attributed to it, is the dissolution of one of the concepts that is part of the construction of its momentary identification.

And so, one starts removing things from their own life, from one reason or the other, just to experience the truthiness of death.

Yet because it is an act focused on concepts, and not on the essence that emerges from those periodical renunciations, it is experienced as dissolution, rather than death.

Death is love, death is when the things that apparently seem to be renounced at, is actually witnessed and within it is seen and accepted and organically transcended.

And here is a very interesting topic, that of Fasting. Fasting is a periodically, limited allowance, to experience how one is sensing himself to be , when death of "survival" components is happening. Why i call it death, is that in the moment when something is not present, it does not exist. Maybe it exists in our memories, in another place, yet in the space of the one that is depriving himself of those elements, they do not exist.

When fasting, the survival concept is dying, yet it is going to be experienced as everything what was used as survival such as food, will leave the body, through one form or another, will decompose, the memories will also become more and more empty, the emotional correlations to the act of survival and to the medium through which survival was interpret and acted upon, will also die. As long as we do not look into the depths of the act, especially related to the emotional part, it will be interpreted as emerging in order to be seen, accepted and organically transcended.

So to say, the entire healing is just an assumed act of death, yet when we work upon the I body complex, it will look like healing, or recovery, or detoxification and so on.

Yet, when i sense all this, and do not look upon, do not inspect it, i do feel a sensitization to the process of death, which is just complete surrender, Love.

This is happening with me, in my pranic nourishment journey. The need to survive and all the fears connected to the shock of believing my own independent birth, is not present anymore. And mainly, because at one point, i felt this is my last moment, and i saw myself then, balancing on the fine string between plunging myself deep into an actual death, or having trust. And although fear had another direction, trust kept me going.

What continued to happen, is as i said above a sensitization to the process of death.

Sensitization to the process of death is a birth without violence. And this is happening simultaneous. When Unity is being experienced, this of course including that Unity is prior and already happening, yet as a collective, with various degrees of experiential forms of Consciousness, this has to be experienced as it is, the death of that which holds the appearance of separateness, will be experienced in all that appeared to be separate and in singularity.

And this, I can state that is somehow the process of Awakening. It has nothing to do with stepping into your power, of becoming a light body, becoming your own boss, accessing true abundance and all the reassurances towards which we step temporary or which give us a boost of confidence. All these are impermanent.

For me all that there is, is a process of sensitization of death, in which we are blessed to see the synchronicity of this process while organically transcending through pure free energy into Unity.

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